Home Team Lender Superbowl Commercial

Have you ever dreamt of producing your own commercial that aired during the Superbowl? Our dream commercial includes a big football game at Qwest field. The stadium would be filled with the 12th man (our past clients, endorsers and loyal supporters) who would all be wearing our company colors- orange and blue! The fans would be going wild as our incredible offensive line, that was made up of our spectacular loan officers, processors, underwriters & management group linked arms with current clients and ran them down the football field!

They’d hurdle over loan issues and drive straight into the new home and debt consolidation end-zone in record time! Everyone would be cheering and our borrowers would be high fiving and doing happy dances with Kiel Mortgage- their Home Team Lenders. While this million dollar commercial would blow our advertising budget, we can promise you this! Our experienced, incredible team of mortgage professionals have helped thousands of families cross the refinance and purchase goal line over the years! Call us today- 1-888-778-KIEL (WA & OR) or 1-888-988-KIEL (CA).