Thank you all for helping me with the purchase of my new home. I wanted you to know how much each of your individual actions has made a significant difference in my life. Even though I was working with some of you individually, I realized it was truly a well-choreographed effort between John L. Scott Realty and Kiel Mortgage.

After receiving an email from my Loan Officer regarding the approval of my home loan, I paused, and then let out a sigh of relief. Then I went back to work. At the end of the workday, I ran my usual errands of picking up dinner and the mail at the Post Office, but I didn’t need to pick my son up from day camp – he went to the Harstene Island with good friends to camp for the week. So, when I got home I was alone and I sat down for a moment.

I began thinking about how the process of buying this house had unfolded. I realized that I could not have bought this house without each and every one of your actions. It made me cry to think that people that didn’t know me very well would go to such great lengths for me. I am so truly thankful and grateful to each of you for making this home a reality for my son and me. Thank you all for your kindness, your perseverance, patience, and integrity. I will never forget how you have helped me. I have already begun the process of referring my friends and co-workers to John L. Scott and to Kiel Mortgage.

I’ve been a long-time listener of KVI Talk Radio, and have heard your jingle on my way to and from work for years now, but have never had an opportunity to buy or sell a home during that time. As fundraiser after fundraiser was run on the airwaves, Kiel’s donations to causes I believe in were always prominent and generous.

Kiel Mortgage’s support of deployed service members was also inspiring. I figured that after years of listening to this, nothing could sell a mortgage company as well as a reputation built on principles I support.

It turns out, I was right.

I was immediately impressed by my Loan Officers’ can-do attitude and how quickly and tenaciously he identified roadblocks in our application process, and either eliminated them or pointed us in a creative new direction.

The home my wife and I are purchasing is a huge leap for us, and financing it has been a challenge. We are asking a lot from our lenders, and through it all, he pushed to get us the best deal possible. At one point, it appeared a competing broker had a better deal for us, and our Mortgage Advisor simply asked for an opportunity to meet or beat it.

I’ve worked with nearly ten brokers and lenders since we first fell in love with this house. Some were quick and organized, others were a little underhanded and dishonest, but in the end, none worked as hard for us as Kiel. When half a day of silence goes by from most brokers, I get nervous and wonder if they are pursuing our loan as diligently as they could. On the rare occasion I didn’t hear from anyone for a long stretch of time, I knew it was because they had their nose to the grindstone and were trying to make everything run smoothly for us.

It’s a rare Loan Officer that makes you feel like your loan is the ONLY one he’s working on at any given time, and that he’s putting 110% of his effort into it.

While we don’t have a closed mortgage yet, and there are still a thousand things that can (and may) go wrong prior to closing, I wanted to commend Kiel for their amazing efforts on our behalf regardless of the outcome of this application. My wife Jodi and I have been consistently impressed and amazed at how hard they work to get the mission accomplished.

I recently purchased a mortgage through your firm and your loan officer. I’d like to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had as a customer. He called me back immediately after I had phoned in. The number was easy to remember after hearing the jingle a gajillion times on KVI. Not only was he skillful and professional in his approach but extremely knowledgeable.

He taught me a few things I didn’t know.(Amazing since I think I know everything). I then received a handwritten note from you thanking my wife and I for the business. Wow. Told three friends about that one. Through the process he consistently was proactive and kept me apprised of the progress that was being made. When we finished the loan and were in escrow, the final numbers were less than ten dollars off of the original good faith estimate! Even the escrow lady was impressed!

Can’t say too many good things about Kiel Mortgage and your loan officers. I work for a fortune 100 company and believe in the excellence we can achieve in American business. Thank you for the contribution you make and setting the standard in your sector. I will be more diligent than ever in focusing on customer service in my line of work.

Lastly, I should not have to say that Kiel will be at the top of my list when talking about mortgages to friends and business associates.

I wanted to tell you what a joy it is to pay bills, now that Shannon has helped us. She looked at our financial situation and fit us in the perfect loan. We had enough money to pay the bills prior to her help, but only enough to pay bills. We were unable to save, donate, pay for my tuition, and mostly, my stress level at bill time was dreadful.

In February I contacted Kiel via the internet after hearing ads on Spirit 105.3. My husband and I had been tossing around the idea of a re-fi, but became cautious when thinking about expanding our initial home loan balance. Shannon contacted us and listened to our situation, got to know us over the telephone, and was patient.

At that point I figured we just needed to be handed over to the other mortgage people…not true. Shannon stayed with us to the end and even met with us to sign the loan documents. I know I felt more secure with this transaction. Shannon also gave us some important information on maintaining a good credit rating. We were impressed with her TOTAL customer service. You just don’t find that type of service in many places anymore.

Now we are in a loan that reduced our monthly bill payments by over $1,000-YES! I can give to church. I can pay my tuition for maintaining my teaching credential. We just returned from a trip and used cash instead of credit.

These last few months have been a joy to sit down at the computer and deal with our budget. I used to call it the “Big Fat Ugly Budget”, but after Shannon’s help, I can just call it the budget.
So, thank you Kiel Mortgage for hiring Shannon Abrams. She is someone you can trust, she is awesome, and she is an asset to your company.

Laura, you are very welcome. Far too often these days good service is not even warranted a “Thank You” and mediocre service has become the norm. And when you add in the issues and complexities surrounding home loans and mortgages, it becomes mind-boggling.

With the myriad of ads and endorsements that we are now bombarded with, the decision to work with a company is also difficult. When I listen to the radio, see my email, watch the ads, I am led to believe that I have gotten a horrible deal from Kiel Mortgage, as I don’t have a 1% loan that I never have to pay, that is guaranteed to not have negative amortization, and will even fry eggs and cook bacon for me.

I put great stock in endorsements from people that I know and have some faith in. In this case, Kirby Wilbur and their friends have gone a long way to indicate to me the values that your company lives by. As well, I have not heard any of the low-ball, and frankly sleazy advertising that I have heard from some of your competitors. I have made the mistake in the past of believing some of that drivel, and every time I have, at least several dozen big nits pop up along the way, all of which result in good “reasons” why all the low-ball advertising gimmicks cannot be fulfilled. And, of course, it is never “their fault”.

This time I did what makes the most sense. Take good advice, work with a reputable and professional company, and what do you know, the problems disappear. Perhaps I could have saved a quarter or even a half a point somewhere else, but to find that and to have fought my way through the process would have been far more costly, and I would not be nearly as happy as I am now.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but along with the Thanks I wanted you to know that not only do I appreciate your method of open and honest advertising, but to let you know that it does, indeed, work.


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