Amazing Review for an Amazing Orange County Team!

A BIG congratulations to Senior Loan Officer, Darrell Fryer, and the entire OC team for this amazing review! 
I would like to thank the team at Kiel Mortgage. Not only did I receive the best professional service, I felt we created a friendship with the entire team. I received continuous updates on my loan status by way of email and phone calls. The image I had of Kiel Mortgage was above and beyond regular standard of care. I myself work in the business of customer service, so I expected a lot. When we started the research for a refinancing company we came across Greenlight Financial; however, with all due respect, they were the most unprofessional company I’ve worked with. I would leave messages and wouldn’t get phone calls back for weeks at a time. I realized it was time to seek another mortgage company.
My employer has a tradition called shared values. One of those “shared values” is to give credit where credit is due. There are three names I would like to specifically thank throughout my refinance experience with Kiel Mortgage, they are: Darrell, Mark, and Ken; I appreciate everything you’ve done for my family. Not only were you guys professional and returned my phone calls quickly, I believe we created a bond of friendship. There wasn’t anytime where Kiel’s representatives could not answer my questions, no matter how silly they may have been. Let me close out by saying, I’ll be referring all families and friends to Kiel Mortgage. Thank you once again from my family to yours.  The Beas Family