Nicole’s Summer Potato Salad

20130501_102853 Senior Loan Officer, Nicole Martin,  is a cook who likes to play it by taste! She made this potato salad for the Kiel Mortgage, Saint Patrick’s Day Lunch and it was a hit. It has also been a crowd pleaser at every other party she’s brought it to.

Nicole’s Summer Potato Salad 

Red potatoes- enough to almost fill a dutch oven for boiling

Green onions ~half a stock thinly sliced

Mayo~about 3.25 cups

Course ground mustard~dijon about 4 tablespoons~ to taste

Fresh chopped dill

Hard boiled eggs~3-4

Sugar or splenda about two tablespoons

Cooked bacon ~4- slices chopped


Scrub your red potatoes~ the skins will remain, so clean them well.  Boil the potatoes until tender~ drain hot water and refill with cold. Leave in sink to soak until potatoes cool and firm up a bit.  Drain potatoes and blot dry with a towel~ Cut potatoes into 4-6 pieces depending on size.  Boil the eggs~ cool, remove shells and chop finely. Combine the potatoes and eggs in a large serving bowl.

For the Dressing~ Chop the fresh dill finely.   In a 4 cup glass measuring cup combine Mayo, mustard, dill and sugar.  Chop bacon slices and green onion~  Add bacon and onion to the Mayo mixture.   Stir the dressing mix into the potatoes and eggs. Season with salt & pepper per preference.  Garnish with dried parsley for color and chill.

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