This in no way captures our full gratitude for all you (Laura) and your team did but I hope it’s well received.  My wife and I feel so lucky to have found Kiel Mortgage.  When we began looking for homes we were using a different lender.  We were pre-approved (or so we thought) and we found a home.  Just after the inspection was complete the lender admitted that they had mistakenly pre-approved us for a loan that their underwriter wouldn’t finance.

It was then that my realtor suggested that I talk to Kiel Mortgage.  It was the best advise anyone could have given us.  The people at Kiel Mortgage are so knowledgeable and professional but more than that, they treated us as if we were their most important customer.  Time and time again they exceeded our expectations.  Kiel Mortgage worked very closely with our agent from the moment we decided to make an offer.  I’m convinced that without their coordinated effort, we would not have gotten “the house”. We closed in only 22 days!  Throughout the closing process they kept us informed and were available anytime to answer questions, no matter how small or insignificant.  They treated my wife and I more like close personal friends than mere customers.  Put simply, the team at Kiel Mortgage exemplifies how a business should be run.  I will never buy another house without using Kiel Mortgage!


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